Belinda Sánchez

My name is Belinda Sanchez and I am a patient of Dra. Candela for many years, almost since he began. Me and my daugther go to her consulting room, and advise to all people who ask me for a good ” dentist ” (though is not only that). I am very satisfied with the care and result. I’m sure it’s the best option.

Manuela Casado

Human and competent professional. Finally a doctor shows no fear in her vulnerability without hiding in her robe ! Thanks Blanca.

Ann Schultz Counihan

A fantastic dentist and an even nicer person! If you are looking for a new dentist, please give her a try!

Mª Dolores Romero

For me going to the dentist was a few less than a martyrdom, Dra. Blanca Candela made ​​me possible to lose the fear I had.

Emilio Fuentes

I have been a patient of Dra. Blanca Candela for many years, I think she is serious and methodical as well as diagnosis and treatments, that transmits me confidence that the treatment is going to adjust exactly to my needs. I go to her consulting room in clam, I highly recommend it.

Paz Vega

My grandfather had talked very well about Dra. Blanca Candela´s clinic. Now, after a very good experience, I will tell to my friends.

Juan López

Congratulations for this webpage. Very good. My rating is excellent for the excellent work you do. Professional qualification is equally human excellence and quality is unsurpassed. Congratulations and see you in September.

Rosi Mercader Aguado

Great professional, trust and closeness. A great team that makes you feel like home, I was one of those who had panic to go to the dentist, but since I am in the hands of Dra. Blanca Candela…. it disappeared.

Eva Palicio

In Blanca I have found my trusted dentist. She informs me clearly about what to do and how to do it, which gives me great confidence. She also gives me very useful and motivating information that no other dentist had given me before (and I’ve been in soooo many dentists)

Maria Dolores Sanchis Ortega

Human and sensitive professionals. Thank you for your professionalism and understanding Blanca.

Isabel Conejero Torres

I am delighted with the Dra. Blanca Candela, although I’m alone in Santa Pola seasons, it is my favorite dentist. Find the solution to any problem of dental health.

Germán Fernández Martín

Excellent professional treatment, very close and honest with what you really need not try to sell you more than you need, just take care of your health