OrtodonciaThrough orthodontics at the White Clinic in Santa Pola we correct the problems derived from the incorrect shape, position or deformation of the teeth. The main objective of this treatment is to prevent, detect and correct these problems to keep our mouth healthy and orderly.

We managed to modify these malformations with a correct dental alignment and a functional and aesthetic balance. Orthodontics is no longer something that affects only children and adolescents, more and more adults are solving their dental or mandibular problems in this treatment.

With orthodontics we try to ensure that the patient finds a normality, without tending to reach the ideal or perfection, as explained by the Spanish Society of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (SEDO). This means that an orthodontic treatment aims to make patients obtain what is considered a growth and development of their teeth and jaws within their own normality, with a “harmonic” assembly of all the pieces.

Through the use of different devices, we correct anomalies in the teeth and maxillary bones, achieving various improvements, both in the aesthetic aspect of the face and in the function of the teeth and the state of the gums.