Dental prothesesDental prostheses have a fundamental function in our dental aesthetics that goes beyond appearances. Restoring the anatomy of a dental piece helps to solve more important and serious problems that the patient himself is often unaware of.

Placing a prosthesis protects the rest of the dental pieces from damage or deterioration, as there are dental gaps in our mouth, the rest of the teeth mold and adapt to the new position, leading to problems or conflicts in the health of our teeth. , avoiding even dental fractures.

Dental prostheses can be of two types fundamentally:

  • Fixed
  • Removable

The fixed ones cannot be removed or separated while the removable ones can be removed for hygiene. They can also be partial or complete, depending on whether part of the denture is replaced or all of it, either in the upper or lower area.

The type of prosthesis is closely related to the success of its placement, since an excellent quality and manufacturing of the dental pieces makes the final result optimal, thus achieving perfect functionality, aesthetics and durability.

In short, the dental prosthesis returns the lost teeth, with which you can return to smile naturally and eat.