Dental care for childrenNeeds in terms of oral hygiene in boys and girls is a very sensitive issue so as not to pay due attention.  Oral care of children is key, both to ensure the correct development of baby teeth and in the posterior teeth.

The objective of this service is that during the whole process of growth of the person, from the first teeth of milk, until adolescence there is a healthy denture.

Child dentistry focuses primarily on the prevention of oral diseases as well as the treatment of them at an early age.

The most convenient is to go to our trusted dentist when the first milk tooth appears (not long ago it was when the boy or girl had all the dental pieces, about three years old).

The first time the children visit the dentist, an examination of the entire area of ​​the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws is done to rule out any possible incidence, in addition to informing parents of their children’s oral health care.

It is also essential to influence the formation of parents, that they have the tools and knowledge necessary to take care of the oral health of their children from the beginning. A fundamental aspect is that the visit to the dentist does not become a torment for the little ones, making the visit to the dentist a positive experience to face future visits.