What is an endodonticWhat is an endodontic

April, 19th 2016

The purpose of an endodontic treatment is to keep the teeth

When the teeth are infected on the nerve area, is necessary an endodontic. This treatment is based in erradicate the nerve… read more

 bleeding gumsBleeded gums

Nov, 19th 2015

Sometimes when we brush our teeth, our gums bleed and we think that is normal, maybe because the brush is very hard or new, but taht is not true; a healthy gingiva doesnt bleed , like a healthy eye does not bleed . If we notice that … read more

Tooth sensitivity and sportTooth sensitivity and sport

Oct, 15th 015

Tooth sensitivity has increased its impact on young people as a result of the current living habits .

It is defined as an intense pain SHORT , and  ACUTE triggered by a series… read more

whiter teethCan I make a tooth whitening if my gums bleed ?

July, 30th 2015

Today many people want to have their teeth white. Before we went to the pharmacy and with little money you could buy a whitening gel and a bucket or plastic support for… read more